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Taking Precision Medicine during IVF Treatment

Taking Precision Medicine during IVF Treatment
0 June 16, 2015

In IVF we stimulate the ovaries far more insistently than the nature ever proposed and we still transfer too many embryos and we try to fertilize every mature egg we retrieve with the goals of the age of precision medicine.

A few suggestions for IVF precision medicine:

We should identify and normalize the best practices for the use of fertility drugs. In the ten years since the introduction of Pergonal, a lot of women have had their ovaries to experience “controlled ovarian hyper stimulation,” with the dosing decisions made to some extent randomly in an inconsistent manner from one point to the next. What is more important is the dosage and timing which has to followed religiously as per the doctor’s advice as it has direct correlation with the growth of your eggs , their quality , quantity and ultimately the resulting embryos and the prospective pregnancy to make it a healthy live baby to add happiness to lives of childless couples.

  1. We do a better job of ultrasound imaging of the ovaries. The IVF clinic continues to depend on 2-D ultrasound and manual counting of follicles. 3-Dimensional imaging attached with automated image analysis offers a large amount of precise collection of these main data.
  2.  We need to normalize our methods for embryo assessment. Firstly, we should agree on catalog. We describe the embryos in different ways yet they are good. One laboratory’s “A+″ embryo may be another laboratories “type1”.
  3. Past two decades of pre-implantation inherent diagnosis, we still in need to compare embryo genetics with embryo observation.
  4. At last, precision medicine in IVF would minimize or remove operator variability in both the procedure room and lab.


Every IVF patient has different nutritional and medical needs. Health and nutrition play a critical role in conception. One needs to take balanced diet rich in seasonal fruits and vegetables. Body weight per se should correspond in correlation to your height that’s what we call it as BMI (Body Mass Index).Appropriate fat content of body decides the uniform and targeted distribution of medicines we recommend you in your treatment. Although there is no standard diet that will maintaining a healthy, balanced diet with adequate vitamins and nutrients is essential for the health of both mother and baby to be.

During IVF cycle, men also should not drink alcohol or smoke. Taking a multivitamin that contains zinc and selenium for at least three months prior to IVF may help aid in growth of healthy sperm.Besides that overall Life style modifications have a role in your fertility potential-so be fit and healthy. Little changes in your routine will add on in making your journey of parenthood fruitful.

Both before & during your IVF, it is suggested to reduce caffeine to no more than two cups of caffeinated beverages daily. Before you start your cycle, you should also limit alcohol consumption to no more than a half a glass of red wine per day. Once your IVF cycle begins, eliminate alcohol altogether. However you must continue to eat a healthy, balanced diet, does not struggle to lose weight during IVF. Losing more than 10 percent of your body weight can have a negative impact also.

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