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Surrogacy for LGBT couple

0 August 21, 2015

For folks in a same gender relationship who wish to start a family, Surrogacy Center Nepal suggests all-inclusive and helpful donor treatment. Through the process of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) and sperm, there is more number of same sex couples who are succeeding their dream of getting a child.


For the lesbian couples, who are also desirous to have a baby also genetically related to the couple, here are the treatment options which are suitable for them

  • IUI (Intrauterine Insemination): This is the treatment in which sperm is given directly to the uterus in the form of injection.
  • IVF (In Vitro Fertilization): It is the arrangement of eggs and sperm in the lab to form embryos. The main quality of embryos are transmitted into the uterus for the positively implant and develop.

One of the partners from same gender couple might arrange for the sperm or couple may select to divide the egg

0 August 19, 2015

Finding the correct place for your surrogacy treatment includes: Nepal surrogacy

  • Place of the clinic
  • Good Success Rate
  • Infrastructure of the organization
  • Experts in Surrogacy
  • Proper and Effective communication
  • Accessibility of legal back-up.
  • Suitable and Correct documentation
  • Knowledge &b experience in Surrogacy treatment
  • DNA Analysis aptitude
  • Advanced medical apparatus
  • Healthy Surrogate mothers
  • Facility of accommodation
  • Nutritionally well-adjusted food for surrogate mothers
  • Gynecological care by obstetrician and nursing supervise
  • Accommodation for the organic or biological parents
  • Covering all transportation needs or travel arrangements.
  • Assistance in new born feeding
  • Facility for antenatal screening for genetic abnormalities
  • ICMR Registration and Medical Visa
  • The cost of the package or service

Here at surrogacy Center Nepal deliver