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To Become Surrogate Mother

0 July 8, 2015

We select the surrogate mothers through our stringent Physical and psychological screening process. Surrogate mothers who are selected are good in health and have detailed reproductive history and they don’t have sexually transmitted diseases and utmost thing is they have the commitment to give a birth to child and help you to build your families. We care about you and your baby and hence we do the detailed screening and testing.

We select the surrogate mothers who are in healthy or married or stable relationship and must have a child of her own and they are in between the age of 21 to 35 years. We conduct the Physical and psychological screening tests for the surrogate mother. They are selected only if they are physically and psychologically fit. Before beginning the surrogacy process we are educating and counselling the surrogate mothers.

surrogate mother

For Surrogate Mother,

  • Psychological examination.
  • Screening and background investigation for the

0 July 2, 2015

The procedure for using donated eggs varies depending on matching the donor cycle with the recipient’s cycle and the fertility treatment you are undergoing.

Usual process may contain:

How does donated egg work

For women

Step 1: You & your Egg donor (known or anonymous) are given medicine to synchronize your menstrual cycles and you (Recipient) are given medication(Estrogen) to prepare the endometrium lining of your uterus for embryo transfer.

Step 2: The given eggs are fertilized, using IVF or ICSI with the recipient’s Husband/partner’s Sperm

Step 3: When the embryos begin to grow, they are transferred to your uterus on either day 2/3 or day 5 as in conventional IVF.

0 December 19, 2014

Surrogate babies allowed in France:

It is good news for the French parents about surrogacy. The French Council of Sate “Conseil d’état” issued the dismissing challenges of the rule to the Justice department in the case of providing the citizenship for the children born to French parents, even the children has a remark of born via surrogacy.

Surrogacy for French couple

In France surrogacy is illegal. But the French couple who are infertile choosing the surrogacy abroad option as the surrogacy is legal in some other countries like India, United Sates and some other countries.

In 2013, the Justice department of France issued guidelines to the French authorities for providing the citizenship for the children even they have been born through surrogacy.

Then a counter filed by the opponents stating that the government is allowing the parents to break the anti-surrogacy