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Surrogacy Service at Surrogacy Center Nepal

Surrogacy Service at Surrogacy Center Nepal
0 July 29, 2015

Surrogacy program gives the prospect to make your dreams come true for the singles and couples who cannot have their own genetic baby.

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The main indication for surrogacy is:

  • Single parent
  • IVF failure repeatedly
  • Damaged uterus or any Infection
  • Absent uterus (Post-Surgical/congenital)

Surrogacy Center Nepal is a highly esteemed surrogacy program for surrogate mothers and Intended parents. It takes a generous and affectionate woman to act as a surrogate mother for an intended Parents/s. Surrogate mother desires the support of her family, team of medical professionals and support staff to contribute her emotionally and practically, during and after pregnancy. Surrogate Mom’s are women with big hearts, who feel intensely for our clients and the soreness they have suffered trying to make family and to become parents.

Medical Selection:

We do a comprehensive medical and surgical check for surrogate mother before choosing. Our surrogate mothers are carefully screened for optimum fertility and general health. In addition, they are psychologically counselled to make sure that they can survive with the emotional difficulties and responsibilities of demands of our surrogacy program. We take care of medical, food and all other logistical care for the Surrogate mother.

We choose the surrogate mothers those who are have children of their own genetic and have already completed their families unless indicated otherwise.

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