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Surrogacy for Gay Men in Nepal

LGBT Friendly Surrogacy countries

Surrogacy Center Nepal is determined to work with Lesbian / Gay Couples or individuals to fulfill their dream of having a family with egg / sperm donation.


Nepal provides one of the most favorable legal climates for egg donation and surrogacy for the couple who wants surrogacy. Nepal government is also looking to expand the medical tourism sector in which it will attract more foreign patients to come to Nepal for the treatment.


Everyone in this world has a desire to enjoy their parenthood irrespective of the gender and relationship. Surrogacy Center Nepal is strongly determined to help such families to attain their dream of having a family. We have a database of surrogate mothers, egg donors and sperm donors to work with Heterosexual couple, same sex couples or individuals. Our legal team will assist you to make all the required documentation for the surrogacy process.


Our Guaranteed surrogacy package will cover entire costs, services and benefits which you get from Surrogacy Center Nepal.