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IVF in Surrogacy

IVF in Surrogacy
0 May 15, 2015

In-vitro fertilization is an infertility treatment which is commonly attainment popularity as a considerably safe procedure with high success rates. A large number of couples belonging to varied age groups are increasingly visiting IVF clinics in order to get pregnant. Ranging from the cost of the procedure to its safety, there are a number of factors to consider when it comes to choosing an IVF specialist. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) designates a woman carrying a child who she is not genetically interconnected to in respects of another individual or couple.

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This situation may occur when a woman wishes to have a child but has had fertility issues or when a male couple wants to have a child using an egg donor’s egg. There are two forms of IVF in surrogacy. One form comprises the impregnation of the surrogate with a man’s sperm. Sperm comes from the male partner in a couple or donor sperm.

The baby is then naturally interconnected to the Surrogate Mother as well as to the male who gave the sperm. If a single woman or a couple is planning to use a Surrogate and wants to be genetically related to the baby, IVF surrogacy is normally used. A woman may be incapable to give birth to her own child because of issues with her uterus or health problems that prevent her from having a baby. If her eggs are healthy, the doctors may use her partner’s sperm or donor sperm to fertilize her egg. Once the eggs are fertilized a transfer to the Surrogate’s uterus takes place.

If the procedure is successful and the pregnancy is sustainable, then the Surrogate Mother goes on to carry the child until delivery.

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