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Embryos – For IVF Patients

Embryos – For IVF Patients
0 August 10, 2015

The end point of an IVF treatment cycle is an embryo; and an IVF lab will successfully create many embryos in the lab for most of their patients.


When the number of embryos to transfer is determined inside the laboratory, an embryologist will check all identifiers, such as your name, identification number, and compare them to the embryo culture dish and resultant egg datasheet. The transfer catheter is loaded with the suitable number of embryos. Upon entering the transfer room, the embryologist will state your last name and the number of embryos in the catheter. You will be able to view the process on a screen in the exam room and see the embryos as they are nominated.

There’s a pictorial representation of embryos, so you can appreciate what your embryos are meant to look like.

Embryologist require for every IVF clinic

The fact is that the core of the IVF clinic is the lab – and the star of the IVF lab is the embryologist.

Embryologist – The person who fertilizes your eggs and develops your embryos in the lab, So that your specialist can transfer your embryos into your uterus. He works behind the scenes; most patients are recognizing the key role this skilled professional plays in confirming the success of your IVF treatment.

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