Surrogacy Nepal | Surrogacy for Singles: Kiran Infertility Centre Fourth unit launched in India (Bengaluru)

Kiran Infertility Centre Fourth unit launched in India (Bengaluru)

0 April 28, 2017

Kiran InfertilityCenter is Proud to announce the opening of it’s fourth unit in India in the IT capital and the most cosmopolitan city in India-Bengaluru. Incidence of Infertility is on the rise, latest studies show that 10% of the entire population is suffering from varying degree of Infertility and find it difficult to have a baby naturally and seek some kind of help for the same. According to Dr.Samit Sekhar, Executive Director at the Kiran Infertility centre(KIC)-“Reasons for infertility can be attributed to both male and female partner,however in the last decade or so abnormal increase in Pollution, radiation,pesticides in food and water and life style related issues such as smoking,excessive alcohol consumption, obesity, Stress,late marriages and abnormal working hours have all led to a dramatic increase in the incidence of Infertility”. “Bengaluru being a leading IT hub has a lot of Young couples working in the IT industry and exposed to radiation,abnormal working hours,stress,Irregular diet and lack off exercise

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