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0 June 20, 2015

Surrogacy Nepal is a division of Kiran Infertility Center Pvt. Ltd ( Kiran Infertility Center is a preferred destination for IVF and surrogacy services. KIC offers updated expertise and technology in the field of infertility. It keeps constant relationship with infertility centers world-over. Since its inception, KIC has helped more than 30,000* couples conceive through different infertility treatments.

surrogacy nepal

Surrogacy Nepal does,

  • Surrogate testing
  • Information gathering about surrogate mother
  • Recruitment

Surrogacy Nepal offers:

  • Guaranteed surrogacy program,
  • Embryo shipping and freezing,
  • Surrogacy package with self-gametes

0 June 17, 2015

Can I freeze extra Embryos?

Yes, you can freeze more embryos. We are capable of freezing extra viable embryos and keeping them for you. The capability of cryopreserving extra embryos offers to couples the chance to join in additional efforts of pregnancy without undertaking ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval each time. If couples have extra frozen embryos after they have finished treatment, they can select to store the embryos for the unexpected future, or gracefully give them to other Intended Parents.

When to Consider Freezing Embryos?

When fresh embryo transfers are not working, frozen embryo transfer may be the key. If you have an over and above amount of frozen embryos ready for your following effort, the frozen embryos are now instantly obtainable to be melted and transmitted. Once your Surrogacy Journey is complete and a birth is reached, you can choose to expand your family with a new baby brother or sister in the future if you choose to freeze embryos. Moreover of these examples of freezing extra embryos will save your valuable time, money, and most unusually, you remove the physical and emotional forces of doing the entire IVF

0 June 16, 2015

In IVF we stimulate the ovaries far more insistently than the nature ever proposed and we still transfer too many embryos and we try to fertilize every mature egg we retrieve with the goals of the age of precision medicine.

A few suggestions for IVF precision medicine:

We should identify and normalize the best practices for the use of fertility drugs. In the ten years since the introduction of Pergonal, a lot of women have had their ovaries to experience “controlled ovarian hyper stimulation,” with the dosing decisions made to some extent randomly in an inconsistent manner from one point to the next. What is more important is the dosage and timing which has to followed religiously as per the doctor’s advice as it has direct correlation with the growth of your eggs , their quality , quantity and ultimately the resulting embryos and the prospective pregnancy to make it a healthy live baby to add happiness to lives of childless couples.

  1. We do a better job of ultrasound imaging of the ovaries. The IVF clinic continues to depend on 2-D ultrasound and manua

0 June 11, 2015


Setting goals will help you to improve your fertility by allowing you to take control of your situation. Together, we can plan an individualized protocol in which we can make the essential alterations to boost your chances of a healthy.

The road to becoming parents is not always smooth; you may hit sudden diversions and blocks along the journey. For some it may feel like you are just held in the same, for the future to see the bright at the end of the process is like to being a parent is an unbelievable journey, filled with adventures and great involvements.

Infertility can be affected by hormonal difficulties or low sperm count. Men & women who were younger had a healthier chance of having a baby naturally. Although the results offer great hope for couples those who are trying to have a baby.

Surrogate Baby

A surrogacy baby & delivery is different from ot

0 June 10, 2015


Fertility or the lack of it is certainly not what you think about all the time. Unless it is a problematic condition for yourself, then you end up thinking about it at every possible moment. The pain from years of expectancy followed by disappointments can be too much to take. This suffering can be relieved by taking the path to-wards surrogacy.

There are many choices for couples and individuals facing infertility and the most promising amongst them are through surrogate motherhood, Some Intended Parents are in need of an Egg/Sperm Donor and IVF in order to justify their dreams of parenthood. Gestational Carriers including IVF/ICSI using the Intended Female’s or Donor eggs and the Intended Male’s or Donor sperm.

We at Surrogacy center Nepal will help you at each stage from decision making to authorize your choice of surrogacy and fulfill your dream of parenthood. Couples who would like to opt for surrogacy can contact us through,


0 June 9, 2015

Congratulations to Ariel and Guille from Spain on the birth of their Twin Daughters!

Both weigh about 2 kilos and are healthy and doing well!! We are happy to announce the birth of twins for a couple from Spain.

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0 June 1, 2015


Surrogacy is turning out to be a boon for those couples or parents who would like to have their own children. Surrogate mothers are in great demand as they are the persons who are fulfilling the dreams of couples for extending their families through children. The surrogate motherhood is the right choice for those women who enjoy being pregnant and have already experienced uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery. It is observed that surrogates feel happy when they get pregnant and they are ever ready to serve for a social cause helping infertile couple to have child through them.

Surrogate mothers have their own families with children they have delivered through natural reproductive process. The important requirement to enter into surrogacy contract by the surrogate mother is to have a healthy lifestyle. Surrogate mothers must live a healthy life style as they are entrusted with the responsibility of taking care of someone’s child. In addition, the intended parents or couples would like to ensure that the concerned surrogate mother takes care of the child as their own child that she is supposed to carry. Therefore, it is necessary for surrogate mother to live a healthy life style by eating healthy food and do recommended exercises to avoid any comp

0 May 30, 2015


Surrogacy has developed as the best mode for having babies for infertile couples willing to have their own child. Infertility is now evolving as a common health problem for majority of couples and is a global phenomenon irrespective of the status of the parents. In surrogacy, the role of egg donor or surrogate mother plays an important part in the success of surrogacy. A surrogate mother also known as gestational carrier is a woman who carries an embryo of another couple and this embryo is conceived through fertility treatments. The surrogate mother carries the baby when implanted with the embryo and transfers the baby so conceived to the couple opting for surrogacy.

Priorities for Surrogate Mother:surrogacy nepal

  • She must be at the age between 19-29 years,
  • Need the support of family and friends
  • She must be healthy and non-smoker,
  • A family history free from genetic disorders or medical conditions,
  • The egg donor must have flexible attitude and possess a strong sense

0 May 27, 2015

Women who donate or receive eggs can interpret the donation in terms of motherhood. Narrative analysis collected from women’s account suggests that embryo and egg donation is in no way interpreted incompatible to motherhood. The entire concept of surrogacy may be interpreted as the desire to assist a woman who has been denied motherhood. Even the well being of egg donated, and the offspring is considered by the donor. Full surrogacy normally involves implantation of the embryo that is created from egg and the sperm of intended partner, donated an egg that is fertilized by sperm of the intended father; an embryo made using the sperm and the donor egg.

surrogacy nepal

Why there is a need for surrogacy?

  1. Some women feel the dire need of surrogacy when suffering from following conditions:
  2. Malformation of the womb makes it dangerous to conceive or complete absence of a womb necessitates the need for surrogate mother.
  3. Women who suffer from frequent loss of foetus or recurrent pr

0 May 25, 2015


A Beautiful daughter for a couple from USA:

Congratulations to Vijay and Darin from USA on the birth of their baby girl born today morning. Like most two-month-old babies, Luke sleeps a lot, waking only to blink at the world and feed. All this dreams  fulfilled only because of surrogacy Nepal (A Part of Kiran Infertility Center).

We wish them the very best.  

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