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About Kathmandu valley


Kathmandu Capital City of Nepal

Kathmandu is located in a bowl shaped valley in central Nepal. The Empire spreads about 885 km. east to west and 193 km. in width north to south. The whole terrain is like a steep incline, descending from the icy Himalayan heights to the hot Terai flatland within a short space.

Historial Background:

The city of Kathmandu was built by king Gun Kamdev in 723 A.D. It is said that Kathmandu was a lake in the past and was made livable by Manjushree, who cut open the hill to south Chovar) as to allow the water of lake to flow out.

Today Kathmandu has more of a large-city environment than either Bhaktapur or Patan and holds a more advanced metropolitan groundwork. Among its wealth of historic buildings it can boast the biggest of the ancient royal palaces as well as innumerable Rana palaces and important shrines. Despite the growth which has made a modern city of Kathmandu, the old center still retains something of a medieval air.

Kathmandu is an intoxicating, exhilarating city. Traffic thrills around the constricted winding streets next to rickshaws, rice and chili are laid out to dry in courtyards, ancient temples are strung with bright orange marigolds and workshops reminiscent of the Middle Ages still line the back streets. The Nepalese capital has been a mecca for travelers for decades, and it is relaxed to see. Upon advent, make to be surprised.