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A family of your own

A family of your own
0 August 18, 2015

Legal direction

Gay surrogacy

Surrogacy is a wonderful way to start a family. It allows one partner to have a genetic connection, which can guarantee legal recognition as the child’s biological parent. This is especially helpful LGBT people.

We have a system of experienced counselors to help guide you through the ever-changing variety of laws. Near the end of your trip we work quickly with our legal team to ensure your parenthood privileges are recognized and secure.

Irrespective of your condition, we will organize all of the lawful features to confirm a smooth and stress-free journey.

Gay support

Here you can find information on where support for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people, their friends and family, is available around the country. You can call the LGBT advice on 9533404400 to speak to one of our expert specialist and they can help you identify other LGBT support facilities available to you.

Surrogacy Centre Nepal works to provide the best possible facility for gay clients. We also support gay couples and individuals from other countries such as Australia, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Canada, Europe, South America and many more.

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